Good quality accessories for girls and adults for under $25


Giveaway Coming Soon

Doing a giveaway in a couple of weeks to get the word out about my blog. Keep checking back for details of ways you could enter.


Adult Necklaces

I have had a few request's to make adult necklaces. Here are some of them. $15 each


Update on Necklace Party

So I forgot my camera for the necklace making party. It was a huge hit. Christi and her friends loved it. Should be having more soon. It was a fun night!


Necklace Making Parties

My friend Christi is hosting the first of many necklace making parties for me on Tuesday. I am very excited for this. She along with all of her guests that will be there will get to choose whatever beads they want to make there necklaces. This should be fun! I will post pictures and more details after the party.


Little Girls Are So Much Fun.....

I enjoy my little girls. I love to dress them up and they like it too.

Sadie prefers to wear headbands. This is one of my favorites.



Last year during the holidays I did a few boutiques. I have been asked by a couple of them to be a part of there spring boutiques. I am thinking that I am going to do a couple of them. Now I got to get busy. One is on April 8th and the other is April 8th-9th. More details to come.

Custom Order

These are for a friend who is getting married. She asked me to make some necklaces and some clustered flowers for her girls. Her girls are a little older. I thought that they turned out really cute. Hope you like them Misty.

Necklace/Bow Sets

Cupcake pendant necklace with matching bow. These come in whatever colors you would like them.

$20 per set